10th – 16th July 2014 Testbed1, Battersea

Arcsoc is proud to present the annual Architecture Summer Show, the culmination of a year’s design work in the Cambridge studios. For one week, we are bringing our show to London to offer an insight into our department and our work.

The Summer Show is a presentation of our work, from the initial explorations of first year to the final schemes of third and fifth years. The students at Cambridge form a close-knit yet diverse community within a relatively small department. Cambridge encourages an approach to design that is both academic and creative. As a result, our work is strongly grounded in context, drawing on a rigorous background of history and theory teaching and responding to the real-life demands and constraints of a site. Our work maintains a social focus and demonstrates the diversity that can arise from the particularities of an area.

Arcsoc is a wholly student-run and not-for-profit initiative. The exhibition is entirely planned, built and curated by the students and is financed by our fundraising work throughout the year.

The show opens with a private view on the evening of Thursday 10th July and is open to the public until Wednesday 16th July. During the week we will host an afternoon of free public lectures from contemporary practitioners and university academics, life drawing sessions and a day for prospective students. For more information please contact Max at mg627@cam.ac.uk.

ARCSOC is regularly looking for venues, sponsors and speakers. If you would like to get in touch please see the contacts below:

Alexander Baker ab2061@cam.ac.uk

Caroline McArthur cm705@cam.ac.uk
Michael Gozo mgag2@cam.ac.uk

Zoe Panayi znp20@cam.ac.uk

Enrico Brondelli di Brondello eb534@cam.ac.uk

Hannah Benton hb405@cam.ac.uk

Beth Fisher bf272@cam.ac.uk

Sam Clayton sic22@cam.ac.uk

Joseph Marchbank jm935@cam.ac.uk

Silvia Cherneva sc834@cam.ac.uk

Joseph Marchbank jm935@cam.ac.uk

Oliver Baldock olb21@cam.ac.uk

Charlotte Airey cga25@cam.ac.uk
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Alternatively, contact us through our facebook page.

Cambridge Arcsoc is the University of Cambridge's student run Architecture society, representing over 150 students.

We run a programme of creative and highly popular events, club nights, talks, life drawing classes, films and exhibitions, with the aim of funding our annual summer exhibition in London.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our events, or are interested in becoming a sponsor.
Thank you to all who attended the Summer Show 2013!

Every year, all our models, drawings and design projects are transported to London for our annual exhibition, presented to family, friends, professional architects and the design press. From day one the exhibition is entirely student run, completely funded by money that Arcsoc raises through sponsorship and events, and is a brilliant exercise in curation and design for all those involved. Not only do we showcase the best student work but are also given the opportunity to explore ideas at a full scale, moving from the studio to the real world.


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As an entirely student run and funded organisation we rely completely on the money we are able to raise throughout the year, through events and sponsorship. Our goal is to put on an excellent exhibition, and without the generosity of sponsors we would be unable to do so.

The combined costs of venue hire, materials, tools, printing, and transport involved in the exhibition can be challenging to raise solely through our events. Throughout the year our sponsorship team is responsible for seeking out sympathetic sponsors whose contributions can make a world of difference.

If you would like to contribute to our exhibition fund for 2015, please contact Hannah Benton for any enquiries regarding sponsorship.

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