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Throughout the year, ARCSOC is responsible for holding some of the most visually exciting parties and events in the University. We are best known for the effort we put into styling and decorating each event and we often creatively reuse found or recycled materials. From building intimate acoustic stages out of pallets to adorning a stairwell with hundreds of paper cranes, ARCSOC works hard to ensure that no two events are ever the same. ARCSOC events are also a platform for student DJs and music acts to showcase their talents and a broad musical spectrum is always represented. Each event is put together under the vision of our Ents/Events team with the help of all the students in the faculty and the money that is raised at the end of the night goes towards our end of year Exhibition fund.

The Union was transformed, origami birds suspended mid-flight above the stairs, trapeze artists swinging from the ceiling, life models, fortune tellers, live music; the whole event was a performance of vast proportions. The attention to detail was extraordinary with ‘tickets’ of gold keys being exchanged at the door for entry. Walking through a tiger’s mouth to enter the dance floor, I felt a Narnia moment coming on, not simply from the snow (nice touch guys) but by the wonderful array of magnificently clad Cambridge folk that adorned the scene. The invite said costumes and they meant it, helpful face painters were on hand to add any glamour to those lacking costume (of which I’m glad to say there were few), or simply gild the lily on some of the more spectacular outfits wandering around. The hall became a make-shift tent with paper figures suspended from the ceiling, careful mood lighting created an atmosphere of pure cool. - Varsity

This was not a party to be missed. Izi Perry’s twisted get up, Olly Watson’s absorbing set, the bar manned by a range of goodly creatures with flowers in their hair; rarely is Cambridge spun on its clever little head with such gusto. For those of you who weren’t there, all Voyeur can say is, next time get there earlier. And be prepared to fight your way in. For those who were, you were lucky enough to witness, for one night only, a brave new world.-Varsity

Arcsoc has now reached the point where it would have to try pretty hard to put on a bad evening. Not only does it have a huge following and little competition, it also occupies a unique niche in Cambridge’s nightlife. It manages to successfully combine “decadent” and “alternative”, which makes for a consistently top night out.-The Tab

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Arcsoc is the University of Cambridge's student run Architecture society, representing over 150 students.

We run a programme of creative and highly popular events, club nights, talks, life drawing classes, films and exhibitions, with the aim of funding our annual summer exhibition in London.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our events, or are interested in becoming a sponsor.

If you have any questions about applying to study Architecture at Cambridge feel free to email Alexander Baker.
ARCSOC is regularly looking for venues, sponsors and speakers. If you would like to get in touch please see the contacts below:

Alexander Baker ab2061@cam.ac.uk

Caroline McArthur cm705@cam.ac.uk
Michael Gozo mgag2@cam.ac.uk

Zoe Panayi znp20@cam.ac.uk

Enrico Brondelli di Brondello eb534@cam.ac.uk

Hannah Benton hb405@cam.ac.uk

Beth Fisher bf272@cam.ac.uk

Sam Clayton sic22@cam.ac.uk

Joseph Marchbank jm935@cam.ac.uk

Silvia Cherneva sc834@cam.ac.uk

Joseph Marchbank jm935@cam.ac.uk

Oliver Baldock olb21@cam.ac.uk

Charlotte Airey cga25@cam.ac.uk
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