Mary Anderson, Y3 Studio 2

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Song Yun, Year 3

Seb Harrison, Year 2

Matthew Gregorowski, Year 3

Matthew Gregorowski, Year 2

Felix Faire, Year 3

Joaquin Garcia Calderon, Year 2

Daniel Marshall, Year 1

Alex Butterworth, Year 3

Joe Hibbert, Year 2

Katrina Duncan, Year 2

Daniel Marshall, Year 3

Ebanie Powell, Year 3

Robin Farmer, Year 3

Paddi Benson, Year 3

Richard Green, Year 3

Frances Williams, Year 2

James Powell, Year 1

Laurence Neal, Year 2

Song Yun, Year 2

Max Martin, Year 2

Naomi Black, Year 2

Design Charrette, 2012